Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Pic For A Pic

Maria I thought it only fair that if you have a picture of me on your blog I should have a picture of you!

I tried to find your baby picture but when I typed "Evil Looking Baby" into Google none of the pics did you justice...

Alright my peeps stay updated!


Monday, March 2, 2009

...And Its Here

So this is it...the BATTLE BLOG!!!! Basically I figured that someone needs to maybe give the "other" side of things. Now don't worry, you guys know me, I would never just give MY opinion, I ALWAYS listen to what everyone has to say, right?

First blog that I have a tiny problem with...this blog of Taboo

Quote from Blog:


Word is: Pockets

Description:It is where you put things”

There are about 100 million places where you can put things in. Ok, well I am exagerrating a little, but there are many places people can put things in. For example: closets, purses, cabinets, drawers, trunk. Do I need to list more? The list is endless.

Now what is failed to be mentioned here is that I simply on things for maybe 1.2 seconds to check the taboo card to see if I could say the word "Jeans." Once I realized I could, the sentence went like this

It is where you put things...in your Jeans

Quickly Aimee said pockets, and the point was rewarded.

Second issue I have with this Blog is me being labeled as Dopey the dwarf. I am going to have to say that within our group I do not believe that I am the "Dopey" one. If anything, I should have been labeled as Doc, because he is the oldest Dwarf, and I am the oldest and wisest one in our group.

O and Maria, I see that you did not label yourself as any of these dwarfs....well, dopey seems to be open....